Javadoc-search project provides a CGI script for indexing and searching html files produced by javadoc tool. Javadoc-search allows fast and convenient regular expression search for class and class member names and for full method signatures that include argument types.

Javadoc-search examines index html pages generated by javadoc and installed in the local webserver document tree and builds its own index for classes, class members, and class methods. Whenever a search query is submitted, javadoc-search quickly matches the query against the index and displays a list of matching links. Javadoc-search provides assorted search and match display options.

Javadoc-search is implemented as a single Perl CGI script requiring CGI, File, and Getopt modules.

The project is hosted at


Single-frame mode

Substring Class Search, Regexp Class Search, and Substring Class#Member(Args) Search

Two-frame mode

Substring Class Search and "I am feeling lucky"

Building index

Building Index


The current release is 1.0.2. It works, and has been tested for a while in Linux and Windows. You may download it from the SourceForge download area.

Installation instructions

  1. Install your javadoc somewhere under your web server's docroot
  2. Decide where the index file going to be stored and configure $indexFile variable below. The index file does not have to be accessible via the web. If you want the index file to be stored in a compressed format, give it a .gz or .bz2 extension.
  3. Modify %javadocRoots in the script to reflect the configuration of the web server that serves your javadoc pages. List local filesystem directories and their corresponding web docroot and web alias settings in the following format:
       %javadocRoots = ("LocalDir1" => [ "DocRoot1", "Alias1" ],
                        "LocalDir2" => [ "DocRoot2", "Alias2" ], ... );
    For example,
       %javadocRoots = ("/usr/local/apache/htdocs/docs" =>  ["/usr/local/apache/htdocs/docs", "/docs" ]);
  4. Install this script in your web server. You may need rename the script's extension to javadoc-search.cgi, if your web server requires CGI scripts to have .cgi extension.
  5. Build the index by invoking the script from the command line with the -r option.

Additional Windows instructions


For single-frame mode, invoke the script without arguments. For two-frame mode, invoke with ?render=topFrame argument. For example, http://localhost/cgi-bin/javadoc-search.cgi or http://localhost/cgi-bin/javadoc-search.cgi?render=topFrame.


Thanks to Eric Thorsen for adapting this script to Windows platform and testing the search.


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